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Qualifications for Affiliate or Non-Profits

You must have #1 plus either #2, #3, #4, or #5

1. You must hold a valid Tax ID number that will allow you to file your sales tax returns for your state and county.

2. You must have a website that displays and shows that your photographic work is for sell with listed prices.

3. If you don't have a website, you must be showing in or associated with an Art Gallery, Retail Art Store, or have a schedule of Art Shows that you have signed up for and will be attending.

4. You must have a list of corporate accounts and or show that you cater to a specific market that utilizes your photographic art.

5. You must be a Corporation or Non-Profit that uses our work for advertising purposes or benefit to a third party.

6. You must not be buying our product at wholesale prices simply for your personal use and or enjoyment.

7. We can give preferred pricing (not wholesale) to members of Photographic Clubs whether independent or Corporate sponsored.

The Only Pro Online Sales Program That Offers:

  • Automatic commission on all product sales  (unlike “photo-share”, “pro-print”, or “discount art” sites)
  • Simple link to your website - new website not required
  • Total "Branding" from design tool, shopping cart to labeling
  • Most advanced design tool with dynamic “See it on Your Wall” capability and 3D Styling
    and Framing choices
  • More sales options - Customer Upload, Coupons, Cropping, Framing & Style up-selling
  • Unlimited and flexible Artwork Pricing options (individual, global, size-based, flat prices)
  • 30 day free trial with free set-up
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Total Turn-Key from Sales to Shipping
Picture This Pro handles everything from ordering, taxes, and shipping. Your customer can upgrade the photo panel with many choices of background colors and frames - and you receive a commission on the product up-sell as well as your fine art photography. We use state-of-art digital photo printing and color correction, with hand-crafted pro quality mounting, photo panel assembly, and framing methods.

Simple Commission Structure

  • Affiliates earn 90% on the price you set on your ART
  • ​Plus up to 50% on all wood products sold  on the site
  • No expensive upfront costs or high monthly fees
  • Low monthly $14.99 maintenance fee (free 1-month trial)
  • Payback for this online sales store can be done with one sale a month
  • Email notifications of sales, automatic monthly sales summaries and commission checks
  • Future Art Commission Sharing  with  referral to other Artist, galleries or frame shops

Sample Affiliate Sites

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and open your store!

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