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It's easy to set-up a New Funding Program for your non-profit - instantly!

Qualifications for Affiliate or Non-Profits

1. You must provide some sort of documentation that explains your organization's non-profit status.

2. You must have a website to provide a link to the online Design Tool.

3. We can give preferred pricing (not wholesale) to members of Photographic Clubs whether independent or corporate sponsored.

One of our company's primary goals is to give back to the community. Groups with a good cause always have folks who put pictures on their walls - and when they go online with Picture This, they are automatically donating to your cause.

This new dynamic and innovative fund-raising idea can be set-up in just a few minutes with no up-front costs. We supply you with a coupon code and you simply post a link on your web page.

All printing, mounting, shipping, taxes and payment is handled by Picture This Pro, and payment is sent to your non-profit group in approximately 30 days after the completed sale.

There is a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee. We've been in business for nearly 12 years, with thousands of happy customers.

Simply by putting a link on your web page, your non-profit group can offer the printing of beautiful professional grade photo panels to your members and donators with a state-of-the-art online store that even offers a "see it on your wall" capability.

There is a discount offered off the retail product price which goes to the non-profit. A discount coupon of 5%-10% is usually offered to the members to encourage their participation, and the non-profit keeps the remainder.

The amount of the coupon is decided by the non-profit. Picture This Pro simply provides the coupon code, along with email and web graphics that can be used to help with promotions.

More advanced options including your own photo gallery and private branding are available. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to start a new revenue stream for your non-profit organization.

The Picture This Pro hand-made Photo Panels feature pro-quality photo prints which are mounted on stabilized boards with a protective UV coating and beveled edges which can be easily cleaned with normal glass cleaners. No glass or mats are required, and most styles can be ordered with frames, or put into frames after purchased.

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